Monday, March 30, 2009

GiGi's Birthday!!!

I suprised one of my very best friend's momma with this birthday cake. I have always thought that true best friends were the people we have grown up with but I have realized that that is not always the case. Brandy married one of my good guy friends from high school and when they moved back here our boys became best friends and are inseperable. Although it has only been a couple of years, I feel like I have known Brandy my whole life and would be lost without her! I am so thankful for the friendship that God has given me. We have also gotten to know Brandy's sweet family and her mom (gigi) had a birthday coming up so I knew I had to suprise them with a fun cake! We love GiGi very much and think she deserves the coolest birthday cake around. My little boy told me when he got in trouble not too long ago that he just "needed to go to Gigi's house." I think it's because he colored on her furniture and she didn't get mad! We love you G!!!

baby shower

I did this cake for Taylor Rowe Spoon's baby shower!! I used to babysit this sweet girl, I cannot believe she is having a baby!!!

wedding cake

I did this cake on Valentine's day for Megan Young. Sorry the picture resolution isn't that good....I forgot my camera and had to take the picture with my phone!