Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Vince!

These two little monkey cakes were for Vince Howard's first birthday! Kelly had the cutest little monkey invitations and zoo themed plates so I tried to do the monkey scene from her invitations for the cakes. I made the little monkey cake for Vince to have all to himself. I hope they liked it and little Vince got to eat as much cake as he wanted on his birthday!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sip and See!

This was a pumpking cake that I did for Nancy Gibson's party. She had a "sip and see" to show off her new sweet granddaughter. Her table was amazing!

These were the petite fours we did so that we could keep this pumpkin cake pretty! It is hard to tell from this picture but they are baby pumpkins on each square.

Happy Birthday Betty!!

I did this cake for Betty Arnold's birthday. She turned 80 this year and you would never know it by looking at her.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday WaWa!!!

This cake was for my little cousin who is not little anymore! She turned 19 this past week. I can't believe it! We love you!

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

I did this birthday cake for Rebecca Merrit. Hope you had a great birthday!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I did this cake for my neighbor Courtney Smith's parents anniversary party. They eloped instead of having a real wedding and never had a wedding cake. Very sweet of her to think of this!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Cass!

This was for Cassity Ashmore's birthday. Everything is edible.


I decided I needed some extra practice working with fondant so at MIDNIGHT Saturday night I created this little jewel. We have NO NEED for a cake in this house so I sent it to work with my mom.

Jackson's First Birthday!

These cakes were for Melissa Boatwright's (I'm sorry I don't know her new married name) little boy, Jackson. The last picture was his own little cake.

My Best Friend's Wedding!

I did this for Mika Chapman's wedding shower. I love cakes at wedding showers! Why don't they do that anymore?

Lightening Mcqueen

This was for Trace Antune's 3rd Birthday. Trace is Aden's best friend

Happy 50th!

This cake was for Carolyn Boatwright's 50th birthday party.


This was a fruit bouquet I did for a teacher's breakfast.

Spoon/Rowe wedding

This was the groom's cake for Taylor Rowe and Corey Spoon's wedding

Happy 1st Birthday Kinsey!

Sweet baby Kinsey Kersh's first birthday. This cake also matched her invitations.

Happy Valentine's!

Valentine's gifts from all different people.

Red High Heel!

This was for a friend of mine from Chapel Hill. It was for her 15 year old daughter's birthday.

On the Farm

Farm cake for Mr. Perry's little girl.

More Birthday Cakes

I did these cakes for Mrs. Connie Carter's mother and nephew.

Maggie Sue

This was Maggie Sue Briscoe's baby shower cake. She just turned 1 and I will post a picture of that later.

Wedding gift boxes

This was for Kylie Hall Mann's wedding guests. Each box is full of cookies in the shape of wedding cakes. She had a box in each of her out of town guest's hotel room.

Baby Boy Shower

I have a lot of requests for this cake for baby showers, I don't have a picture of the one with pink booties but they are oh so cute.

Slumber Party

This cake was for a slumber party. The cake matched the invitation, plates and napkins.

Gran's Birthday

This cake was for Ann Hale's birthday. Sweet gran!

Miss Libby

I did these two cakes for Miss Libby Rocky's birthday. She's a yum yum too.

Plain Birthday Cake

Just a plain birthday cake. White cake with buttercream.

This is the first cake I had ever done. It was for a baby shower at the bank.